My name is Sylvia and I´m the dollartist of the little dreamland babys.

I was born in 1965 in the beautiful Staate of Sachsen in the sign of zodiac cancer and mother of a son. I´ve been very creativ since I´ve been a little girl and created something unique out of something impossible. Since many years I´m drawing pictures of landscapes and flowers, write poems, compose songs on the keyboard or enjoy cuddling with my three cats, who are something very special.

Since I was young, my passion is collecting special dolls.... dolls, who look like real children. At this place I wanna mention that I´m working shift in a power station.

Since september 2003 I´m designing every kind of dolls in my spare time to real looking babys. Since couple months I specialized more and more on limited and highquality dolls from well known artists. Generally I´m using not poisonous and esspecially for allergic people made materials and colours and you get a warranty on my work. Creating a doll, time is not that important for me, just when I´m satisfied with the result then it´s perfect and a reallifebaby. Very often I´m showing my work to the public to see the reactions and listen to criticism. Thats real important to me and I think it marks the final precise work.

Worldwide my babys found a new home.If you´re interested in one of my sold babys, I´m able to create you a similar one. I just wanna let you know that the baby looks similar they don´t look exactly the same and it takes me a little bit. Be sure, you get a real unique reallifebaby from me designend with lots of heart and love to the detail.

Sylvia Jantzen