A little Foreword
I’d like to give you some short information about my ARTWORK. Bevor you read, don’t forget: „NOBODY IS PERFECT“
The way how I transfer insignificant dollkits or sophisticated artist dolls into Reallife Babies is all in my mind and my thoughts and feelings.
I always take enough time for each Doll to achieve qualitative and clean work, and only if I am satisfied myself then there is a perfect Reallife Baby. Please feel free to read also my epilog and browse thru my picture gallery. You will find some information about the wonderful material I use for rooting and also about a very sad story about a reborn Baby produced in a short and poor process.


Removing of all original factory paint, eyelashes and hair, smoothing down the head if necessary. Cleandown and degreasing of Body Parts.

Primary Coat

I only use coatings that go easy on the material and which are non-toxic and also non-polluting. Some ar even used in medical techniques.

Coloring from the inside is only nesseray with grey or colorless, drab dolls made of Vinyl.
Dolls made of Silicon or Silicon-Vinyl (such as Linda Webb Dolls etc.) can’t be colored from the inside and: THEY DON’T NEED IT!!!!


I only use very high quality Angora mohair which I prepare on my own, which is cleaning, dying etc. You’ll see that in my Foto Gallery.

It takes many hours to root with very fine needles this hair into that little sculp. I always take care and attention to root in the direction of an naturlly hairgrow as humans have, which will give a very real look at the end.

You won’t need any kind of protections like hairbands or so, it just looks naturall!!

Then the hair will be secured from the inside with a waterproofed adhesives and I let it rest for at least 24h to make sure the glue is really hardened. Also this glue is non-toxic, I do not use sprayglue. After that time-consumimg process I‘ll give it a nice haircut and I will do the „Pull-Test“ on my own!!

The Fine Work

Carefully and clean opening of the tiny nostrils, shape them up with a little smoothing of the brims. I back those little noses with vinyl so you won’t see the the filling of the head.
I never open a closed mouth, vinyl would always brake in a delecated spot like this after a while. You’d always see the opening and that doesn’t look very nice!! Your baby could still have a modifiet pacifier if nessecary.

Toe- and Fingernails

It depense on the material, but I start to work on the nail bed and the just tip the nails with a fine line of Ivory. Bevor I seal them at least two times I let them dry complitly. I use different seals because there are different vinyls. I never use those kind of 3D-gels, won’t work anyways.

Realistic Coloring

After the primary Coloring I use colors of naturall base I mix my own or high-pigmented solvent-free colors. I do not use blush or stamp colors. Not every color can be used on Vinyl or Silicon.
After being statisfied with the body color with all ist naturall tones I paint the very delicated eyebrows and even thinner veins. It is so important to let that coloring process dry of, so I let it rest for at least a day.
Now the Body Parts will have a soft soapbath, which has two reasons: I can see if the colors really stays on the sculp and spare color which didn’t compounded with the Vinyl will disapear.


All of my dolls bodys are cloth bodys made of high quality cloth with svivel joints, most of them I design myself. I don’t have „Standard Bodys“ because each doll is different, I don’t copie my own or other dolls, every doll is unique the way it will look.
I fill the bodys with harmless materials and polyfill, so the Babies will have realistic weight and positions, I would like to give you that feeling of holding a newborn ... or a few month old Baby, it depense on the sculp I am designing, e.g. you don’t need to support a head of a few month old Baby, but you have to with a newborn!


From chemical reports and other wellknown Dollmakers I’ve heard that softpellets can absorb harming outlets which could give some trouble to human health. Also could be regarding to a few Vinyl species that those pellets can start a chemical reaction which COULD –must not – destroy the vinyl after a period of time. I never had this kind of reaction thou I don’t use the pellets.
If the look of a doll needs special joints to pose in more babylike positions I will be able to create those on my own.

der Finishing Touches

If all bodyparts have been filled and weighted the doll will be „built“ together to a sort of „come-alive“, here I carefully consider the flexibility AND portability of the joints and of course the head. Stiff arms and legs appear unrealistic. Cable ties will be smoothend so nobody gets hurt.

Just now I work on the eyelashes. With sleeping Babies I start working with them before filling the head, because I have different ways to connect them to the eye.
Now – if nessecary – lips, nostrils and eyes will have the last seal, it depense on the type of face and how the facial expression should be.
Well – now at the very end I will be spoilt for the choice of what kind of clothing the Baby will wear. It is very important for me that cloth should blend with Baby’s expression.


I try to give you a brief inside the origin of my Reallifebabies. I didn’t go into all details otherwise you would have to read a book now. As you can imagine – a qualitatively good reborn Baby can’t be done in a day. Therefore I can’t really offer any courses or classes to design a good doll or show how to micro-root. If you have read all this you can asume that this can’t be done in a few hours.
That could be only a brief introduction into a very capacious and global work each doll will need. Just to show you how to do a very simple baby with a wig would be a waste and does not consider with my demands of providing good art work. Even with a written operating direction you can’t go ahead and work at home. If you could – you want need me!!!!

As soon as you are holding one of my Babies „born“ in


you understand what I am talking about.

Thanks for sharing this with me and enjoy the rest of my homepage.

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